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Introducing the airtight & easy to fill Filament Buffer

95% of the time I use my MMU2 not for printing multi color things. What's more is that it is super convenient to have your five favourit filaments loaded all the time. This let's you choose the filament for your print without even beeing in the same room. At least if you use octoprint or similar.

So nice it sounds but there is a problem: If you leave your filament in contact with fresh and more or less humid air you'll run into problems with your prints.

And that's were the filament buffer comes in: The goal of this project was to protect your filament from moisture and dust. And this is what this buffer does very well.

If you decide to make one for yourself please take a look at the HowTo before printing. There are some things to consider first.

If you like it I would love to see your make on thingiverse. If you don't like it please let me know why and I'll do my best to make it even better.

And here is a video of the buffer and its functions:

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